General Remodeling & Construction – Where quality meets a tight budget is where you will see us standing. Second to none in attending to your needs, we help you visualize a finished project your way, using our ability to adapt and recreate a room from scratch to meet your expectations without going over your budget.

Painting Services – You may think that to paint a wall or an entire house is a simple task. Think again. Painting a room regardless of its size requires knowledge choosing the right materials for the job and a painter’s expertise for it to be done correctly. That’s when we come in. We work with the best materials available in the business to ensure our work is done one way, the right way. Our team work closely with you to provide you with 100% customer satisfaction.

Snow Removal – Who likes to shovel? If asked in front of a multitude of people, very few would raise their hand. Shoveling snow is a hard task even when there is little of it. Whether it is your driveway or simply the entrance of your home, we provide you with the solution. We invest in new equipment and upgrades constantly to provide you with the best service.

Design Services – When moving to a new home or remodeling the one you live in, the one thing everyone want is to give it a new look, a personal touch. Thousands of possibilities can be created with the help of our decorators and designers who give special attention to details that give your home just that touch that identifies it with you. White or Black? Red or Blue? If you found yourself asking that or a similar question trying to decide what would look best, give us a call.

Carpentry Services – A whole book can be written as it has, about beautiful, handcrafted carpentry work. Because it is custom built to your liking, it is always a one of a kind. Whether it is a back porch, a new staircase or kitchen cabinetry you need, our carpentry services will surpass your expectations.

Handyman Services – Our experienced staff can meet your needs and exceed your expectations on small or large projects. No job too small for us! From fixing kitchen sinks to putting up picture frames on walls, you name the job, we guarantee the work!

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